Steven Perez, 38 of Elgin, died April 5, 2022.  Born November 7, 1983, he was the son of Aurelio and Jayne (Burnidge) Perez.  Steve was a wonderful man.  He was very smart and good with numbers.  He was funny and loved for the “smirk” he would often have on his face.  Steve enjoyed sports and was a good cook. Steve had a big heart and even when he was hurting he was always giving to others and bestowing blessings.  He was a Christian and knew Jesus as his Lord and Savior.  Steve enjoyed praying for, and helping others because he knew what it was like to hurt and he didn’t want others to suffer as he did. At twelve years of age Steve received a Good Citizenship Award from his fellow class mates for Possessing strength of character.  (Please read Prov. 20:11).  He always put others before him and, in the end, he thanked his mother Jayne, for doing the tasks that he routinely had done for her, before his illness, because he was simply too weak. Steve was a loving son, brother, uncle, and nephew. He is survived by his mother Jayne; his sister Vanessa (Eric) McElroy; one brother, Joe (Gretchen) Perez; four nieces, Isabella, Rihanna, Ivy McElroy, and Nora Perez; one Aunt Joan; one Uncle Aloune; many other friends and relatives who loved him dearly.  He will be greatly missed. We love you Steve, you are safe in the arms of God.  We will see you again soon.  With unending Love, your mother, family, and friends. Funeral services were private.  For more information, please call O'Connor-Leetz Funeral Home -  847-741-1400.

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