My Little precious angel.

Calvin (Cal) Aguirre, passed away at Sherman Hospital in Elgin, Illinois. welcomed in the world March 15, 1983, to Donna Aguirre and Calvin Daniel. Born as a special needs child with various complications. His mother was told he wouldn't live to be 2 years old. He proved the doctors wrong, living to be 40 years of age. He lived with his mother and older brother, Damon until the age of 4. Calvin required 24-hour care which his mother painfully realized that she was unable to provide. At 4 and a half years old Calvin went to live a wonderful place called Little Angels. His mother knew when she walked in the door of the building this was the right place for Calvin, because of the warmth and love she felt. Calvin lived at Little Angels for 36 years, growing up and winning the hearts of many with his contagious smile, in his little antics, cute faces, stubbornness and an occasional quick pinch of one of the nurse's backsides as she bent over to assist his roommate. His journey started many years ago, but he was a true solider and a fighter. His journey to heaven started Thanksgiving Day, with (one of many of his loving little Angels family members by his side. He is preceded in death by his older brother Damon Aguirre, His father Calvin Daniel, both sets of grandparents. He is survived by his loving devoted mother Donna Aguirre, 1 brother Kaiden Aguirre, 3 sisters Kenishia Bracey, Kiara Daniel and Kennedi Aguirre. 3 Nieces, 9 great nieces and nephews, a host of aunts, great aunts, uncles, great uncles and cousins. A very special stepfather, Roland Harper, that made him look as handsome as ever with fresh haircuts, the dedicated caring little angel /Marklund staff (to many to mention individually) for the phenomenal job they did for caring and loving Calvin. And last but a very special lady that walked every step of the journey with Calvin, from the beginning to the end Tammy Armstrong, we love you and we are forever grateful for your love and support. Family and friends, the journey is over, I will miss him more than I can say, but from the bottom of our hearts we can't say thank you enough. Visitation and a Memorial Service will be held Wednesday, December 13th from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon at the O'Connor-Leetz Funeral Home, 364 Division Street, Elgin.  The Memorial Service shall be officiated by Pastor Jim Murdough of the Life Changers International Church. The family looks forward to seeing you,

Love, Donna, Kennedi and Kaiden Aguirre

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