Bruno was the oldest of our siblings, born in a small town in Southern Texas in 1950, Bruno worked as a jockey at Arlington International Racecourse, Arlington Heights.  He also acted as a groom for, and exercised the Thoroughbreds.  He had a love for horses and a knack for reading the race forms and picking winners. Bruno approached life optimistically and offered all people his smile often making them laugh and never leaving a person without saying “take care of yourself”.  Bruno left us a spirit of grace. He is survived by his parents, Bruno Sr. and Ramona (Cortez) Perez; a sister Gloria Hernandez of Texas, Maria Lattimore of also of Texas, Cindy Pérez of Georgia, and Laura Pérez also of Georgia; several brothers Juan Pérez of Texas, Rudy Pérez of Texas, Oscar Pérez of Elgin, Jose Perez of Elgin, Almondo Perez of Collinsville Illinois, Ernie Perez of Texas, Roy Perez of Texas, and Art Perez of Texas. Bruno was also blessed with many nieces, nephews, and friends. So, may the Trumpets of Heaven call upon him and may he go and be with God as the Angels of Heaven lead him to a perfect place. Your loving family.

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