Letting your survivors know your funeral wishes saves them the difficulties of making these decisions at a painful time. Many family members and friends find that discussing these matters ahead of need, although uncomfortable and awkward for some, can later be a great relief - especially if a person is elderly or in poor health and death may be expected. Planning some of these details in advance can also save money. For many, the cost of a funeral rank just behind the cost of a home and an automobile in total lifetime costs The good news is few of us end up being responsible for more than two funerals in our lifetimes. However, a Will is not a good place to express your death and burial preferences for one simple reason: your Will probably won’t be located and examined until several weeks after you die, long after decisions about your disposition have been made. A Will should be reserved for directions on how to divide and distribute your property and, if applicable, who should get care and custody of your children if you die while they’re still young. Possibly the greatest advantage by far, to all of life’s prearrangements is that you "called the shots" and tried your best to diffuse any of the misconceptions about what you intended. And, while it may not resolve all of those types of problems it’s much better than not having done anything at all.

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