If I understand your question, “Does cremation present different memorialization options?” – yes. The philosophy of cremation is nothing new, and for some it may offer lowered overall burial expense simply due to the exclusion of a grave space and certain funeral merchandise, if cost happens to be your primary concern. However, in any case, it does not have to mean the absence of a visitation, funeral service, or final committal of the “cremains” (ashes). Often we need to take into consideration the thoughts and feelings of other family members and friends because some of these services may be expected. However, cremation for some may be as simple and efficient as a “direct” cremation (strict removal to the point of final disposition without any further detail), or cremation can include preparation, visitation, and a funeral service with the deceased present, and cremation following the services. These arrangements are sometimes modified to include cremation followed by a memorial service at the location of one’s choice. Funeral choices of any type, while very personal, may be better adapted after closely discussing your feelings with family members and friends. Cremation is a philosophy. You can be as creative (or not), just as you might wish to be with a full, “traditional” type funeral. What ever your ultimate selection, a funeral professional can assist you with your options.

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