If a decedent died because of a criminal act, and you are a family member, then you may be eligible to receive compensation under the ILLINOIS CRIME VICTIMS COMPENSATION ACT (740 ILCS 45). The state provides compensation for reasonable funeral expenses (up to $3,000) and / or medical expenses. Total compensation may not exceed $25,000. To be eligible the following must be true: * The decedent was an Illinois resident. * The decedent was an innocent victim (i.e., did not do anything wrong). * The crime was reported to authorities within 72 hours of its commission or discovery of the body. * There was full cooperation with law enforcement officers by the victim and/or his family. * Application for compensation was filed within one year from the injury or death. * There are no other resources, such as health or life insurance, available to cover medical or burial costs. For more information please contact: (800) 228-3368 or write to: Crime Victims Compensation Act 100 West Randolph Street Chicago, IL 60601

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