You bet! Not only are they amendable or changeable, but they are transferable and in most cases revocable. A funeral, or prearranged funeral, like any other sale for services and merchandise is a simple contract, the breach of which may involve liquidated damages. For instance, if you contract with a funeral home to prearrange and even prepay a funeral, then let’s say you move or simply change your mind about either the services or the selected funeral home or both, you may, at any time, amend, change, switch, or even cancel your "plans." Be mindful, your specific contract may obligate you to "administrative fees" sometimes collected in the form of the interest on the original prearrangement balance. These are essentially the "liquated damages" I was speaking of. Realize though, that if this prearrangement/prepayment is subject to, or made under the regulations of medicade or public aid then there exists salient reasons for it to be irrevocable. However, this would have been explained to you at the time the prearrangements were made. In regards to an actual funeral situation itself, a person always has the right to change their mind at use other facilities or change their type of service. But, it’s important to remember that the original funeral director that provided some of the services would be due her reasonable charges for their services and merchandise up to the point where you changed your mind. Most funeral directors would rather waive "fees," personally arbitrate, or allow a family to leave on good terms, than to risk ill will with his client and community.

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