Not necessarily in the sense of direct affiliation. However, we are related through common purpose, in that, we both serve the living during the advent and final loss of a loved one. More and more, Hospice Societies and funeral professionals are working closer together to provide a more coordinated preneed, at-need, and aftercare service for both the terminally ill and the survivors. Hospice and Home Care assists families through the transition from diagnosis through death and the myriad of family care that demands attention, demands that would overwhelm even the strongest, closest, and most responsive of families. Made up of health care professionals, funeral directors, clergy, administrators, and trained volunteers from all walks of life, these organizations are generous in the provision of their vital service. Much of the service they provide is through donation, and any little bit is helpful. In our area we are blessed to be served by Provena Home Care & Hospice (847) 931-5553, and Fox Valley Hospice (630) 232-2233, as well as many fine others. Feel free to contact them for your needs and questions. They will gladly answer your specific questions. Your local funeral director stands ready to assist you through the funeral process, and can be helpful in recommending aftercare.

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