It depends on how you define savings; if savings is measured solely upon dollars spent, then possibly so, if savings is to be measured by expertise, quality, and piece-of-mind, possibly not. However, knowledge is power, and truly informed consumers always make wise purchases. Buying funeral merchandise outside the prevue of funeral homes is nothing new. People have long been able to buy caskets on the internet, from Tapist Monks, and even the Amish, and cabinet makers. What seems unreasonable to me is that the few extra hundred dollars over one lifetime a person might demand on such a highly personalized item pales in comparison to the billions we eagerly spend on alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets, It’s simply human nature. Commercialism seems to set our standards. We all delight in the feeling of saving a dollar, and believing we got a bargain, where and how you make a purchase is a objective choice. It all has to do with your values. If you are able to reconcile your choice based upon objectivity then shouldn’t we all thankful we live in a society that promotes it. However, for my money, I spend it where I can trust, professionals that are trained in what they do, and care about the purchaser. Of course, my opinion is obviously biased. I’ll leave the mega retailers to what they do best, selling cases of paper towel and macaroni and cheese. However, you be your own judge--compare.

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